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About Mann Engineering

Offering a broad range of consulting, engineering, procurement and construction services encompassing virtually all areas of the energy market, including HVAC, boilers, automation and alternate energy, Mann Engineering provides its clients with enduring service and relationships that span the life cycle of energy assets.

Specializing in complete solutions for the design and construction of boiler plants and delivery of results, Mann Engineering takes responsibility for every phase of implementation, ranging from engineering, procurement and construction, operation, service and maintenance of facilities.

A leader in the energy management industry, Mann Engineering supplies technologies and engineering and construction services in commercial, institutional and industrial processes nationwide.

The core competencies of managing projects and the application of key technologies allow Mann Engineering to deliver services that help its clients create value for their constituents.

  1. Licensed or previously licensed to provide engineering services across Canada by the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO), APEGM (Manitoba), Engineers NS (Nova Scotia), APEGBC (British Columbia), Engineers PEI, APEGS (Saskatchewan), APEGNB (New Brunswick), PEGNL (NFLD)

  2. Registered with PEO to offer consulting engineering services to the public

  3. Covered with Professional Liability Insurance with Elliot Special Risks Ltd.

  4. Covered with Errors and Omissions Insurance

  5. Registered with the Technical Safety Standards Association (TSSA)

  6. Registered with the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)

  7. Member of the Toronto Better Building Partnership

  8. Covered with comprehensive construction liability insurance with Lombard Canada

  9. Fully bonded with St Paul Guarantee Insurance Company

  10. Full in-house mechanical construction capability

  11. Full in-house electrical construction capability

  12. Full in-house building automation design and implementation capability

  13. Full in-house 24-7 monitoring service for HVAC and energy services

  14. Full in-house 24-7 HVAC and building automation services

  15. Rigorous healthy and safety policy, including safety officer

  16. Construction bond facility over $20M

  17. WSIB Clearance

Member or former member of:

We Manage Incentives From:

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