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What’s good for our Planet is also Very Good for Your Pocketbook

Many businesses from office and residential buildings, schools and recreational facilities to shopping centres, grocery stores, hotels and other commercial buildings have realized significant savings, in the tens of thousands of dollars or more, each year, with a GHX system. Building owners as well as occupants are experiencing the benefits of operating cost savings, a more comfortable work environment, lower maintenance and equipment life cycle costs, as well as individual zone control. A GHX system is ideal for a new building and can also be included in a retrofit.

GHX systems have all the flexibility of a conventional system and can be designed to control the temperature of each unit and move energy from one area of the building to another. If your south facing units are too hot, and the north facing too cold, we can move the heat from one area to the other without burning more fossil fuels.

Why Mann Engineering for my project?

Mann Engineering is Canada’s leading consulting engineering and construction company focused exclusively on the design, retrofit and construction of energy efficient buildings and GHX projects. We work with commercial and residential developers, builders, consultants and contractors to help them integrate the most energy efficient GHX systems into their new developments and retrofit projects.

Mann Engineering is a full-service multidisciplinary engineering company structured to handle all the phases of a GHX project including feasibility studies, design, engineering, ground loop install, and equipment right through to commissioning.

Why a GHX System for my project?

A GHX system is considered the most energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally clean space conditioning system available. A GHX system is the single most significant way to reduce your buildings carbon footprint as well as dramatically reducing your operating costs and providing a more comfortable environment – it’s great for the environment, reducing greenhouse gases by up to 100%, and your pocketbook! A GHX system is also considered an insurance policy against rising energy prices for the next 25 years, and beyond.

Mann’s highly energy efficient systems move heat without the necessity of burning fuels. Every unit of electricity utilized by the heat pump delivers 3 – 4 units of free energy from the ground, making your GHX system 350% or more efficient compared to 95% from the best and most efficient new furnaces.

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