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Energy Management

Energy management is a process to develop a strategy for the optimization of energy costs in a building. The process often starts with a comprehensive energy audit which identifies the various measures that can have a positive impact on the buildings energy costs. The audit will prioritize the measures based upon financial rates of return to allow the team to develop a long term plan to manage energy costs.

Implementation of the audit will result in the significant improvements in sustainability in the buildings carbon footprint. It is important to understand that energy conservation is a process and the energy audit needs to be updated from time to time as technologies and incentive programs evolve.

Conservation and efficiency 

Using less energy isn't about making drastic lifestyle changes or sacrifices. Conservation and efficiency measures can be as simple as upgrading old equipment with modern strategies for heating and cooling, replacing an old boiler, pump or fan with one that doesn't consume as much power, or installing a building automation system. 

Not only do conservation and efficiency ease electricity supply crunches by reducing demand, they also decrease smog and greenhouse gas emissions, lower energy bills and create jobs and other economic benefits. It's a win-win situation. 

Economic benefits 

Experience from across North America has proven that it is significantly cheaper to invest in energy efficiency than to build or even maintain polluting sources of electricity. As well, conservation and demand management (CDM) are more employment intensive than other supply options. High deployment of CDM measures plays a vital role in raising overall economic productivity and efficiency by eliminating the need for increasingly expensive supply resources while simultaneously contributing to the maintenance of the resource base for the future. 

Energy Audit


The process starts with an energy audit, which is an inspection, survey and analysis of a building to identify viable and cost effective energy efficiency measures that will reduce the energy use and operating costs of a facility. Mann offers a range of audits from the preliminary to advanced energy audit.

Mann's Energy Audit


  • establishes a utility baseline using monthly utility usage;

  • evaluates energy using equipment;

  • identifies ways to enhance operational efficiency and decrease maintenance costs;

  • resolves occupant comfort issues; and

  • identifies economically feasible energy measures.


Contact us for a consultation on how an energy audit can work for you!

Building Simulation


A Building Simulation is an advanced and complete audit. It provides a detailed energy model that can be used as an ongoing energy performance diagnostic tool. Extensive attention is given to understanding not only the operating characteristics of energy consuming systems, but also situations that cause load profile variations on both an annual and daily basis. A detailed financial analysis can then be performed for each measure based on implementation cost estimate; site-specific operating cost savings, and the customer's investment criteria. 

Measurement and Verification


M&V is an objective process for quantifying energy savings achieved through the implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs). The process involves measuring and verifying pre - and post-implementation energy use, and adjusting for any salient changes in conditions.

A certified M&V plan provides you with valuable benefits including:


  • Quantified energy savings of energy efficiency measures;

  • Feedback on implemented energy efficiency measures (EEMs);

  • Validation of past projects;

  • Transparency and credible reports on efficiency investments; and

  • Adaptability - M&V allows you to easily adjust to changing facility operating conditions in order to set proper budgets and account for budget variances.


Mann designs custom M&V programs for specific retrofits, or for whole facilities, that are accurate and comprehensive.

Utility Incentives


Mann's extensive knowledge of incentives enables us to provide our clients with a strategy for securing additional funding. These incentives are not always well advertised and can vary by region. Mann keeps up-to-date on the criteria required to apply for incentives and facilitates incentive applications and we are active in all aspects of the incentives process, from coordinating paperwork to ensuring that incentive requirements are met.


Contact Mann for more information.

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