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Branch Manager Ottawa

Mann Engineering is a progressive energy management company that has been growing 25% per year for many years. We are expending into new markets and territories and require additional staff.

This position is an excellent career opportunity for an experienced manager or engineer. We offer internal opportunities for promotion and advancement to increased management levels based on performance results. All Managers have an opportunity to earn BONUS dollars quarterly based on results. Only managers with at least 2 years experience in a service or engineering related industry would be considered. This position requires a person to manage the day-to-day operations of a service and engineering company and provide excellent customer service. Technical background is required and preference is given for professional engineers. You must have either business-to-business sales experience or sales aptitude. Successful candidates will deal with business customers on a daily basis. Candidates must have a background in customer interaction with business professionals. 

Strong personal computer skills and strong organizational skills are required. 

We will provide building automation training to persons interested in expanding their experience into this new market.

Attractive rates, benefits and bonus package for qualified candidates 

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